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AimLoan seems to be setting the industry standard with regard to transparency in the home mortgage loan business.  The services they offer are clearly described and fairly broad. Conforming fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage loans, super conforming fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage loans, home affordable refinance program (HARP), jumbo fixed rate mortgages, VA fixed rate mortgages and VA Streamlined Refinance (IRRRL), lender paid mortgage insurance and the Fannie Mae HomeReady Program. They are favorably rated by the BBB as A+.

Transparency that sets the Industry Standard

AimLoan discloses online all pertinent information relating to our Adjustable Rate Mortgage Programs, including the initial interest rate, adjustment periods, index, margin and caps. All customers are provided with up to date financial information provided in easy to read tables that are very explicit and clear. The language of the site requires a median level understanding of the meaning of many financial measures and qualities, but finding the answers to questions is also fairly easy. The clarity and real time quality of their information speaks well for their honesty and the predictability of the loan process, not to mention their favorable reviews and connections with organizations like Upfront Mortgage Lender, The tracking service they provide allows clients to be emailed at whatever level of frequency they chose.

Major Appeals of the AimLoan Mortgage

Two main qualities of the services offered by AimLoan that they emphasize is their honesty and the speed of their process. Initially, they claim that you can fill out your application and reach a point where you can lock in your rate in 20 minutes. Of course, having all your documents like tax forms, pay stubs, etc. must be to hand and uploaded onto the site before the process can be completed. This company and its style of business is probably the future of loan applications and processes.