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The name of this company says it all; Box refers to the type of customers they serve – those with excellent credit. The customers who have been “financially responsible” are the only people who fit “in the box.” Although this is offensive at first glance, the combination of digital tools for gathering information and the credit worthy clientele simplifies the process. The company claims that to only review the “credit worthy” eliminates 50% of the paperwork and headache from the loan process. They argue that these restrictions lead to tremendous efficiencies in our process, which translates to  “unbelievable” savings for their clients.

The Website is Cutting Edge

If the customer’s’ financial reality fits into the blanks without qualification, then the process of applying for the loan and locking into the rate is purported to only take 20 minutes, according to the site. A four-minute pre-qualification process and after uploading your documents to the website they can get you to the lock-in. In fact, they claim to  have cut loan closing costs by an almost unheard of 68%. The say quite specifically that Box Home Loans only charges $199 in total lender and broker fees on a conventional loan and only $249 on an FHA loan. No origination fees. No underwriting fees. No wire fees. They also claim that these deductions in cost are not related to the interest rate you will pay.

Automation with the Personal Touch

The website heavily encourages digital communication but also provides human support services. Also, the website allows clients to load their information as it is gathered, Furthermore, this system allows the customer to follow the progress of their loan from pre-qualification through the life of the loan. Almost too good to be true, but the underlying principles make sense and the company seems very well reviewed by lots of independent sources.