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The Builder Finance, Inc. is certainly the business model for the financial moment. In the wake of rising housing costs, the chance to cash in on home construction in all its forms shapes  Builder Finance, Inc. This company divides the type of loans they provide into four broad categories: New, Flip-Fix, Referrals and Land. Under those broad divisions they further distinguish between custom builders, semi-custom builders, production builders, fix-flippers and general contractors, foreign and domestic investors, brokers and referral partners, land owners and buyers, mobile homes, manufactured/prefab housing and realtors. Their broad networking of these independent professionals is a model that gets a lot of self-reinforcing business and bodes well for their future growthl

The Transparency and Terms Available

Custom builders are invited to inquire about how to get a 100% advance rate. They offer to finance either one project at a time or multiple projects by the same builder.  Limited recourse is available. Presold homes by builders are offered better rates and terms. The website specifically lists their rates from 4.99 – 7.99% and transparently have provided the specific terms, matrix and an estimator calculator. They claim to offer a first time buyer discounts in requirements and express a willingness to look “past recession issue{s}.” Most attractively BUilder Finance offers to defer interest for clients until payoff, the specific terms described in their Transparency section.

Company Services that are Highlighted as Superior

Builder Finance, Inc. provides builders and new home sales associates with a team of knowledgeable and experienced loan professionals. Their contacts are obvious from the field of real estate actors that they are willing to work with at any stage of the process. They have specialized products, digital tools, services and support to help builders and their partners find sales opportunities, close transactions and theoretically achieve higher inventory turns.