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CIS is a mortgage provider as their primary business and as such provides all of the mortgage services within their own shop. They are licensed to originate mortgage loans in 25 states across the United States. Direct access to the client’s  loan, through a single point of contact, is given from application to closing. In addition to residential site built, we offer financing for single, double, and triple section manufactured homes, as well as modular homes. They claim that their credit decisions made in a timely manner and that underwriting of the loan is handled in-house.

Loan Options Available from CIS

CIS offers a full complement of home loans, including fixed rates, adjustable rates, jumbo mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, bridge loans, down payment loans renovation and construction loans. Each has its own characteristics but they are all subject to evaluation in relation to your own financial situation. The loan process many times boils down to what you can afford both upfront and long term. A good way to check your potential finances is to utilize a monthly payment calculator such as the one found here. After evaluating your income, assets and employment, CIS offers a digital version of this process, allowing you to print out a pre-qualification letter after filling in the relevant financial information. Such a letter gives a home shopper a tool to present to homeowners and real estate agents so that your interest in the property will be taken seriously.

Some Cautionary Considerations

A pre-qualification is not an approval of credit and does not signify that underwriting requirements have been met. Furthermore, The costs of the loan as far as fees and service charges are not as clearly described or centered in this company’s description of their services. Remember, all retail home loan companies charge you for the privilege of their expertise and service in setting up, evaluating and processing the loan application.