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Embrace Home Loans is a company that has specialized in one type of financial product: direct mortgage lending. For thirty years they have been providing service and loans to people who seek to purchase a home loan, a refinancing option or a debt consolidation process. Their entire operation revolves around the home lending and financing process and they have an A+ rating from the business bureau. They advertise toward the family home and individual home purchase for the occupant buyer. They have tailored their business to the needs of those type of clients. Their focus on the home buyer as opposed to investment buyers portends well for the first time homebuyer or anyone seeking to refinance their existing property.

Approved to Move

For example, Embrace Home Loans has a program called “Approved to Move.” It is a prequalification program that allows the buyers to get approved for as much loan power as they can qualify for before they find a house or property that they want to buy. They also put an emphasis on personal attention to the customer. They often refer to the dedicated mortgage specialists that are assigned by client who can help the buyer customize their home lending needs.

The Personal Touch

The website is supportive and helpful, if somewhat traditional. It does not have the flash and finery of larger companies, but it is fairly consistent in providing the homebuyer with both the pros and cons of any particular type of financial product. When a lender makes a decision about a mortgage application, they consider many basic factors: all based on your ability to repay the loan. To ensure your loan is truly affordable, a lender will verify your employment and income. Your monthly Debt to Income ratio – your total income, minus monthly credit payments and other debts — will also be considered. Getting their personalized help will make the whole process much less intimidating.