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Flat Branch Home Loans offers a variety of mortgage products, including the basics like conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, USDA loans. They have in-house underwriting, which allows us to provides clients with a consistent level of customer service throughout the entire loan application process and claim to keep your loan and service it in house after closing.  There is certainly something to be said to be consistently working with the same institution throughout. Such an arrangement reduces the borrower’s  concerns to the singular contractual relationship with one service provider. Of course that usually implies a local lender, which is exactly what flat branch is: a Missouri based retail home loan institution.

Example of a Custom Loan Program

Flat Branch Home Loans offers a fair number of different loan programs from the usual offerings. For example, they have first time home buyer deals, downpayment loan and grant options, as well as a Homeready Program that is offered through Fannie Mae. It has some of the same advantages as other government housing programs that lower credit requirements and lower the debt to income ratio required to allow low income applicants to borrow. When a lender makes a decision about a mortgage application, they consider many basic factors: all based on your ability to repay the loan. To ensure your loan is truly affordable, a lender will verify your employment and income. Your monthly Debt to Income ratio – your total income, minus monthly credit payments and other debts — will also be considered.

The Regulatory Environment

Because regulation of financial institutions is not a very politically popular issue, institutions will be more likely to provide government backed loans to those with less statistical chance of being able to pay them back. Conversely, this flexible quality is also the company’s strength, since many people without a down payment or with nontraditional employment are very good risks to take.