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Franklin American Mortgage Company is based in Franklin, Tennessee with offices throughout the country. The company is FHA Direct Endorsed, VA Automatic, a LAPP authority and a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae Approved seller/servicer. Founded in 1994, Franklin American Mortgage Company (FAMC), a privately-held mortgage banking firm located in Franklin, Tennessee, is a full-service professional mortgage banker licensed to provide residential mortgages across the nation. FAMC offers a host of diverse and flexible mortgage packages for customers with a variety of backgrounds and needs. They claim to be committed to helping families and individuals achieve the dream of homeownership through its three divisions: retail, wholesale and correspondent.

Correspondent and Wholesale Programs

Neither of these programs serve individual homeowners but do serve mortgage brokers, real estate agents, contractors and home builders. Aside from the Wholesale Program is a direct relationship between the builder, seller or purveyor of homes. The company’s Correspondent Lending division was designed to service small to large lenders across the nation. The Correspondent Lending division was created to provide high-quality services and products to these institutions and their customers. This will help smaller lenders compete with larger “mega banks” in an increasingly tight market. All of these benefits are directly pitched to real estate and construction professionals.

Individual Home Loans and Little Information

Franklin American claims to be a primarily direct home lending institution. However, there is little to no specific information about the loans that this institution offers. The terms and conditions are not posted nor are they described in any detail. Rather, Franklin American claims to deal with all the elements of the loan in house, with all underwriting performed in house as well. This singular service provider should make it easier to understand the actual cost of processing the loan. There are less actors to pile on fees, deposits and service charges. They no doubt offer a full range of government guaranteed or assisted loans, as is evident from their credentials.