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USAA is a huge financial company, providing lots of different financial products besides home loans. They also sell every kind of insurance, including health, as well as investment opportunities, retirement accounts and even shopping discounts. They are a national company, and offer a full range of home loan options. They are very upfront about the interest rates that go with their home loans and mortgages. For example, their website provides a specific interest rate for 10-year, 15-year, 20-year and 30 year fixed rate mortgages well as the Annual Percentage Rate and points associated with each of their options.

Knowing the Details

USAA’s home website is one of the best for simplicity and clarity. The site is set up to provide very detailed information about the conditions under which each financial product is offered. For example, their pre-qualification rate and agreement is good and frozen for 90 days, so there is little chance of surprises on closing day. They claim that they are also more efficient about closing, averaging 5 days earlier than the national average. Their application process is all on line, eliminating the need for gathering papers from all over – the process is stream lined and digital.

The Advantages of  Large Institution

USAA has all the advantages of a large financial institution. They are well organized, broadly invested and competitive in their rates and conditions. The details are well spelled out, providing transparency and predictability to any purchase of loan products you chose. The benefits of a large company in this venue are hard to beat. They are involved in the home acquisition process with 16,000 top notch real estate agencies to help you find your home. They provide all the details and and all the resources needed to help you predict what your options and financial liabilities will be when purchasing real estate, be you investor or homebuyer.