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Most loan companies try to offer the broadest range possible of loans – conventional, government based and usually a company specific portfolio of custom designed options. Although a wide range of offerings can be helpful to gain a sense of the range of possible loans, seeking a loan company that specializes in a particular category can be preferable. For veterans, the government provides many home loan opportunities that can ease their financial worries.  Veterans United is a company that specializes in providing home loans and home refinancing services through the existing government programs. Their website is well organized and provides an educational section that allows the buyer to understand the relevant issues to home ownership and purchase.

VA Loans

VA loans allow veterans and their spouses to get a loan without the usual credit score required to purchase a loan. Initially, that means those without the credit history to justify a loan can get one that will fit their needs. After the home’s purchase, the fact that the mortgage is guaranteed by the federal government means that there is no need to purchase mortgage insurance. The cost of mortgage insurance is a monthly expense that a VA home loan can eliminate. Finally, the VA loan does not require a down payment, which is often the biggest barrier to homeownership.

Veterans United Support Services

Veterans United seems to be a credible and well prepared loan company that claims to serve its customers best by its specialized focus on the VA loans offered by the government. They provide very specific information and no doubt have counselors who are well versed in the terms and conditions such loans offer. Furthermore they provide future clients with many tools to assess the viability of a VA loan versus other loan options. For their convenience, Veterans United offers digital tools like the Affordability Calculator, Mortgage Payment Calculator, VA Loan Calculator and the VA Loan Limit Calculator.